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Sport predictions Anna Maria Goltes - the inspiration of Luka Doncic

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sport predictions It is said that next to every successful man stands a strong woman. Apart from being strong, however, Ana-Maria Goltes is also extremely beautiful. The charming blonde, who has occupied the heart of NBA star Luka Doncic for many years, appears as a model, often appearing in lingerie for advertising campaigns of famous brands.

The beautiful Slovenian spends most of her time with both dogs - Hugo and Jia, which she keeps together with the Dallas Guard. She used the fame of her famous boyfriend to play the role of an influencer, advertising various products to her 130, 000 followers on Instagram.

Ana-Maria and Luka Doncic have been together since they were teenagers. In the summer of 2018, rumors are circulating that the two have ended their relationship after the long-legged model deleted all their shared photos from their social media profiles. Shortly afterwards, however, the two again share a common shot, which puts an end to speculation.

The blonde supports the Slovenian national very much, not missing his match mentioned by buy sport predictions anywhere in the world. She can often be seen in the stands in the halls with Doncic`s family.

Anna Maria Goltes - the inspiration of Luka Doncic Sport predictions - more details and information: Sport predictions

Blog of Sport predictions