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Faceprips reinforce a young man from Milwaukee

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sport predictions Ton Maker is different from most 20-year-old basketball players. At least because he plays in the NBA, but also because he is 216 centimeters high and can play in three different positions on the pitch. Sudden Sudan talent, who has an Australian passport, is now ready for his second season in professional basketball with Bucks team.

In 57 games predicted by partners of best sport picks in his debut year he raised many questions because his physics was both impressive and fragile. For 9. 9 minutes per game, he scored 4. 0 points and one of his main goals in the summer was to increase his muscle mass. In addition to working in the gym, he also relies on a non-traditional method as an additional motivation. The player himself acknowledges that, in the case of any missed exercise jump, he makes pushpings, but not any, but fingers. On his debut in the League, he weighed 97 pounds, and now refuses to name his weight, with Buck`s official lineup counting 101 kilograms.

Right now I feel good. I like the direction in which I move. Healthy work pays off, he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. In the only pre-season match, Maker scored 8 points, picked up 8 rebounds and gave 2 assists.

It is expected in the new season to have a significantly more noticeable role in Jason Kidd`s composition and is even labeled as one of the opportunities for a title center.

Blog of Sport predictions