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Sport picks Scott McTominey: Ibrahimovic is ruthless

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sport predictions Manchester United midfielder Scott McTominey told what was in the team while Zlatan Ibrahimovic was there. He describes him as ruthless and says it`s hard to be around him. The Swedish striker spent two seasons at Old Trafford after arriving in 2016. He scored 29 goals in 53 games prediction by horse racing predictions for the Red Devils. `He was ruthless. I won`t say more than that. He was an excellent professional, he worked a lot, a big presence in the locker room, where the voice was, ` McTominey said.

`He is ruthless in that he wants to win all the time. If you do not take the same approach, you will not succeed with him, he will make your life difficult. You better work hard to win. Otherwise. it will be a difficult time for you.

I love people like that in football. He has a legendary career that he deserved, so I have nothing to say but praise him. Sometimes it`s hard to be around him, but that`s a positive`, he added.

McTominey says he has learned a lot from Ibrahimovic, but his greatest examples are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo: `When you`re young, Messi is the perfect example of someone being kicked by bigger players. Messi takes the blows likeduck in the water. When I watched him, it was a real inspiration to see that one of the youngest players on the field is the best. Then I said to myself, `Why shouldn`t I be too? `

Then, as you grow, you get bigger and stronger, you look at Ronaldo - his physique in terms of how he works on his body. His body, mind, talent come together. For young players there is noa better example `.

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