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Sport prediction Djokovic on beating Tsitsipas: I knew that because of the conditions, we would both often take games easily on our serve. The outcome decided a small advantage in the score

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sport predictions 21-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic assessed his level of play at the start of the final via sport-tipsters tournament. On Monday, he beat Stefanos Tsitsipas - 6:4, 7:6 (4).

- I started the match very well. I knew that because of the conditions, often we would both take games easily on our serve, because we are on a hill, the courts are fast, it is very difficult to receive.

If you serve well, choose the right points on the court and hit them accurately, you quickly score a lot of points. And so it happened.

I knew from the very beginning that in a match against an opponent with such a powerful serve as he has, there are good chances, perhaps in the first or second game on the return. And so it turned out.

I have such a chance. I played accurately, with concentration, and I took advantage of it. Of course, this affects the entire game. Even if it`s the first game, I knew he had it in his head. I wanted to play consistently and serve well, which I did.

I finished the tiebreaker with two big serves, which always helps. I was able to read his tiebreak serve when necessary. I`ve done a good job with him a few times.

The outcome of the match was decided by a slight advantage in the score, we were separated by a few points. Before the match, I knew that it would be so.

In fact, there are not so many minuses, except, perhaps, that at the reception I need to return more balls and draw the opponent into rallies.

Again, I can`t classify this as a con if someone serves as well as Tsitsipas and chooses the direction of the shot well. Most of the time it`s hard to strike a draw.

I played very confidently on the back line. Made him play. Served well. Received some important balls when needed. In general, I performed well.

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