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Sport tip Svechnikov about the most expensive thing: Suit - about 2-3 thousand dollars. The game is a holiday, you must be serious, solid

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sport predictions Andrey Svechnikov named the cost of his most expensive suit.

- Hard question. Probably just for the future, so that everything is fine with your family, so that everything is fine with your children later, only for now, I think.

- The suit, probably, was expensive, some kind of jacket. It`s not like I spend money on it all the time, I just have a couple of things, like all the guys who play at this level.

- Yes, about that.

"It used to be much stricter. In fact, it was necessary to put on a tie, shoes.

This year it has become much easier, many do not wear a tie, sometimes they come in sneakers, I am also a fan of this. It used to be much more difficult, we are supposed to be in a suit on the plane.

The coach was asked if it was possible in ordinary clothes. He replied that he played in this league for 20 years and always went in a suit.

There was not a single game for him to come in ordinary clothes. And you will violate my ritual? Our coach is an NHL star, I completely agree in this regard, because the game according contact with sport tipsters is a holiday, and you must be serious, solid.

If I was in normal clothes, there would not be a full feeling that I was going to the game, - said the Carolina striker.
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