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Sport tip Djokovic on match point won against Korda: I want opponents to know that whatever the score, I`m in the game

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sport predictions Novak Djokovic has commented that he won match points in the final analyzed by football predictions in Adelaide. He defeated Sebastian Korda 6:7(8), 7:6(3), 6:4.

There are no invincibles. We have seen the best players in history lose big matches. I lost a lot of matches in which I led, a lot of hard-fought matches. Sometimes they add up in your favor, sometimes they don`t. Statistically, I won more - of course, I am very pleased with this.

It is difficult to say what the formula for success in such circumstances is. We are all different, we all have a unique character, a unique body, a unique approach to tennis.

Someone is more comfortable playing serv-and-wall when the opponent has a match point, someone plays conservatively on the back line. It`s a question of the moment, with whom you play, how you feel.

Of course, at such moments you have thousands of thoughts in your head. You are definitely under pressure. What matters most is how you deal with it, how you adapt, how you pull yourself into the present moment and try to make the most of it.

As I said, statistically I was lucky to win more of these matches. Of course, the more you win them, the better you feel. I want the opponents to know that no matter what the score is, I am in the game, always fighting to the last blow and able to turn the match around.

Of course, it gives me the advantage that everyone knows this.

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