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Manchester City - Southampton (s)

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sport predictions Manchester City took another step to the Premier League title, scoring the 12th consecutive win on his account. The barbarians won 2-1 against Southampton in the clash between the two teams from the 14th round. The success of the hosts of Etihad came only in the 6th minute of the added time, and the great hero was Rahim Stirling, who was the author of the victory. Prior to this, City led Kevin de Bruyne in 47 minutes, but Oriol Romeu equalized in the 75th minute. The hosts also made a glimpse of the match, with goalkeeper Fraser Forster winning a few brilliant rescues, but ultimately he was helpless with Stirling`s winning shot. Josep Guardiola tossed in this match of Sergio Aguero, Gabriel Jesse and Rahim Stirling in the front row. In the middle of the pitch, Ilkay Gundogan, Kevin de Bruyne and Fernandinho acted.

The guests went out with Nathan Redmond and Shane Long in an attack. The trio in the middle of the pitch was built by Mario Lemina, Oriol Romeu and Pierre-Emil Hoyberg.

The first straight shot in the match was Fabian Delf in the third minute, but he did not make a stunning Fraser Forster.

In the 13th minute Fernandinho attempted a long distal shot, which passed dangerously close to the beam but still out. Two minutes later, Foster was under fire but showed a great reflex. First he replied a heavy blow to Rahim Stirling, and then Gobriel Jesse attempted an add-on, but again the guard was brilliant and kept his door.

In the 20th minute came the next position before the door of the `Light`, again Forster was the last barrier to the goal after a great shot of Fernandinho. In the ensuing corner, the ball was centered on Nicholas Otamendi, who headed for a great pass and sent the ball over the crossbar.

In the 24th minute and Sergio Aguero`s shot was saved by Forster and in the attempt to add Ilkay Gundogan sent the ball into the net but on the outside.

In the 33rd minute Southampton created its first goal opportunity. Mario Lemina flipped Vincent Compani into the penalty box and fired at the nearby corner, but Ederson was careful and rescued. In the subsequent corner, the ball was dropped by Virginie van Dyke to Maya Yoshida, who detected it from the traffic but over the crossbar.

In the 47th minute, the fortress of Southampton broke. Kevin de Bourgeone pointedly fired a low shot from one defender the keeper, and the ball went just a little wide. Initially, there was doubt about Virgil van Dyke`s own goal, but the hunt was subsequently recorded in the Belgian name. Only a minute later the result via blog of sport predictions could be doubled, but a shot of Jezeus crossed dangerously past the door.

In the 54th minute Ilkay Gundogan tried a long distance shot that was not far from the target. In the next few minutes, Forster was again the hero of the guests with two magnificent rescues after striking Jezeus closely and De Bourne from the border of the penalty area.

And again, Forster got one another rescue in the 68th minute. Fernandinho made a powerful blow from the pennant`s edge, and the guard once more intervened sharply.

In the 71st minute Van Dyke raised his shot from the corner and shot his head but over the door

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