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Real Madrid regained a tough game with Valencia

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sport predictions Real Madrid`s team came out of the Leganes shock with a 4-1 victory over Valencia in a heavy 21st round of La Liga, played at Mestayya. Cristiano Ronaldo led the European champion with two penalty shoot-outs (16 and 38). Santi Mina lived the match via cricket predictions in the 59th minute. Late Marseilles (84) and Toni Kroos (89) delighted the Madridies. Overall, the meeting was quite equal and tense.

Zinedine Zidane could rely on his striking assault trio Garrett Bale, Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo for the first time in 280 days. Nacho Fernandez took a seat next to Rafael Varan in the absence of Sergio Ramos. Marcelino Garcia Toral put out a 4-4-2, putting the left back Jose Gaia in the midfield of the `bats`. Rodrigo Moreno and Santi Mina have partnered in the `white-black` assault.

In the seventh minute Netto and Esekyel Garray collided into a high ball fight. The Argentine defender was hit hard, and the guy of the los that only a second later made a great rescue. The ball hit Bale, who instantly shoots, Netto put his hand over his head and save. In the tenth `mores mereges` they lost the ball and a dangerous counter for the Valenciennes:Rodrigo Moreno hit a 22-meter heavy blow and the ball bounced off just above the right-hand corner of Keylor Navas`s door.

In the 15th, the hosts lost the ball to the corner and the guests from the Santiago Bernabeu developed a swirl counter. Cristiano headed through the center, handed over to Marcello, and Benzema joined with a nice assistant to the Portuguese who was knocked down in the penalty area penalty. Ronaldo realizes without hesitation the white point - 0:1. In the 18th CR7 he held his chest on a second beam but lost the ball before the shot. In the 25th Joffrey Kondogbia he fired Casemiro and shot a strong 20 meters - Navas plunged and killed. In the 27th Toni Kroos he devised a wonderful lead for Ronaldo, the Portuguese turned and shot from a small corner with his left foot, but goalkeeper Netto was in the right place.

In 33rd Congdbijia made a shocking pass, after not hit the ball of five meters. Keelor Navas `hanged` and Garey pulled the ball, and the repetitions showed that she had left the field. The side judge saw this, and even the midfielder had realized the hunt would not count. In the 37th former Barcelona player, Martin Montija naively pushed Benzema back and the referee ordered a second penalty. The Portuguese selected the other corner and scored even stronger - 0:2. It was the 101st Ronaldo penalty shot throughout his professional career (19 omitted). In the 42nd Perecho fell into the field, but the Referee did not see a contact at Casemiro`s leg and paused correctly. In the 44th, Santi Mina moved easily past Luca Modric, but Rodrigo did not manage to push the strong ball, although the door in front of him was empty. In the added minute of the first part, the `bats` built a new strong attack. Gedes shot 19 meters to the far corner and centimeters separated him from the target. Overall, the Marcellino guys played hard before the break, but they had two flawless mistakes that put them in a catching position.

The Valencians started the second half strongly. In the 49th and 56th-

Blog of Sport predictions