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Salah and the blessing to miss your transfer top

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sport predictions No, I did not think he would be that good. And I know I`m not the only one in this situation.
When Liverpool attracted Mohamed Salah, I thought it would be a good transfer because of his ability to create chaos in counterattacks and to expand the lines of the opposing team. I also knew he would count with a lot of goals, but I certainly did not think he would score more than Lionel Messi (as it is now). I was not sure how it would fit into Juergen Klap`s press system. Would there be enough space behind the enemy defenses to use? He did not lack a working capacity and definitely did not stop running along the course, but would he be able to move along the width of the attack, such as Roberto Firmino, in order to run the Clop`s press?
The logic suggested that the Egyptian would have been an important part of the rotation in the front lines with the same Firmino, Philippe Coettinho, Sadio Mane and Daniel Sturridge, two of whom would have remained in reserve. When Salah arrived at Anfield, Adam Lalana was injured, Danny Inggs was just taking the first steps on his return after a long absence due to nightmare two consecutive knee injuries, Dominic Solanke had not yet played a minute in Premier League in his career and Alex Oksley-Chamberlain was still in Arsenal.

One can assume that Clap has seen things the same way. As my colleague Paul Joyce wrote these days, the first choice of the German manager of the red was Bayer (Leverkusen) wing Julian Brant. When this transfer did not take place, the Merseyside Club headed for Salah, prompted by sports director Michael Edwards and the scout unit in the face of Dave Fallow and Barry Hunter.
If asked today, Liverpool fans will be more than happy that Brant has refused them. He is a great talent and is four years younger than Salah, but the indicators of the two just can not be compared. This season, the German has only started 22 games from sport predictions for Leverkusen and has 9 goals and 6 assists. Moreover, he played the full 90 minutes only in three fights since November. It`s hard to believe he would have much greater influence on Anfield than his current team.

The moment Brant Salah a la Sliding Doors (a movie, in which a moment with two different outings leads to two alternate lives of the main heroine) does not only apply to Liverpool. This is one of the many events beyond the control of each club, which have a huge impact on team building. Anfield had another such season this season:if the Paris Saint-Germain Cathars had not decided to pay a dump for Neymar, Barcelona would not have pursued Coutinho and he would still be with the reds today. And as a result, probably one (or both) of Virginie van Dijk and Alex Oksley-Chamberlain would now play elsewhere instead of Merseyside.
So not only do you have to be able to adjust on the fly during the flight to the unexpected, but also be open to new discoveries on your way.
Mohammed played more on the wing in Roma to a very dominant central striker in the face of One Jack;said Klop. -;No one knew he knew it

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