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Bol raised the ambitious ambition to a new level

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sport predictions A father always wants the best for his children, and when it comes to Lavar Bol, things just go up to a whole different level.Father 2 of this year`s Draw Lonzo Bol has a plan to stop his youngest son from school so they can train as hard as possible and be ready for the NBA.

Lavar`s ambition is to turnLamelo is the best basketball player of all time.

I can not deal with his current coach and administrative stuff.I do not want anything to distract Melo.So he will be trained at home and turn him into the best basketball player of all time, Father Bol said.

The coach is new and I do not like him at all.Melo will play for UCLA, but he does not have to deal with these blankets.They will not confuse him anymore.Neither the coach nor the director continues his tirade at the high school of Chino Hills, the ambitious parent.

16-year-old Lamelo must graduate from high school in 2019 and then spend one year at college before going to professional basketballat NBA level.

Blog of Sport predictions