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Agassi:Djokovic did not listen to my advice

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sport predictions Andre Agassi revealed that one of the reasons to break up with Novak Djokovic was the Serb`s reluctance to listen to his advice. The American tennis legend was coach of the world`s former number 1 by April. The main disagreement between the two was about the elbow injury, which was why he missed the second half of last season.

Since I knew him, there was an elbow problem. There was hope to recover without surgery, but I was not a supporter of this choice. I understand his hesitations, but health is about taking care of your body, making difficult decisions, giving yourself enough time to recover. In my opinion, only rest would not be enough, Agassi said. `When I saw the results advised by cricket predictions of the research, I was absolutely frank with him. My advice was to do an operation right away to fix the problem once and for all.

Djokovic underwent surgery, but not until February, after participating in the Australian Open. Agassi and Radek Strepanek then worked on what Novak had to change his serve in order not to load the place. Andre and the Serb had a different opinion regarding the conditioning and nutrition program of the winner of the 12 Grand Slam titles.

`Agassi said the first steps in the coaching profession were interesting, instructive and challenging. ` `When I was playing, I did not feel any tension but a lot of stress. As a coach, I did not feel stress, but a lot of tension, which was an interesting difference. As a coach, you have to be sure you are saying the right things or not saying something wrong at an inappropriate time, Andre commented. 48-year-old Agassi did not deny the opportunity to work again as a coach, even with Djokovic:If there are ways to help him (Djokovic), he has to tell me. If I can help a tennis player, I would. `

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