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Nadal`s coach has revealed the worst moment of the year so far

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sport predictions Raphael Nadal Carlos Coya coach Mia commented on the past tournaments by rugby predictions of 2018 and the presentation of Matador who is now recovering from a knee injury and may return on 29 October when he is the last Masters in Paris.

The season is very good, except for injuries. And those at the beginning of the year, and those now affected him negatively, but they are part of the sport. The heaviest moment was the Acapulco tournament, because Rafa missed it and just recovered from the injury, which led him to drop into the Australian Open semi-final. Although Acapulco is not the biggest tournament, but the ATP500, all doubts about form and physical condition have begun. He also missed Indian Wells and Miami, so there were not many racing minutes before the clay season and we did not know what to expect.

Rafa knows he needs more tournaments. But now it`s different because it`s not 20, and can find its rhythm in the first and second round, and then play really well. Just Acapulco was a step back and we did not know what to expect next, commented My before Mark.

Blog of Sport predictions