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Cristiano with a new goal for Juve, the bikonkers hurry before the Serie A race

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sport predictions Italian champion Juventus defeated the bikonkers with 8:0 teams up to 23 years old. Only a few days after Cristiano Ronaldo opened his goal for the club analyzed by sport-tipsters in a 5-0 defeat at Villa Perosa against Primavera, CR7 again scored 1-0. The Portuguese came only against the goalie and did not make a mistake, and then Leonardo Bonucci, Paulo Diballa, Miralem Pianic, Joao Cassello, Fedricio Bernardeski, Mario Manjukic and Bless Matthewdi scored in the opposing door.

The best shot was Bernardeski, who scored 6-0 with a blow from the air. Three days before the Serie A debut against Chievo, Massimiliano Allegri tried several tactical options against the second team of the club, who will play this season in Italy`s C Series. Juve started in a 4-2-3-1 schedule, Wojciech Shcesni being the goalkeeper, and the defenders in front of him were Andrea Bardzali, Leonardo Boncuci, Daniele Rougini and Alex Sandro. Sami Kedera and Pianic were the midfielders behind Juan Quadrado, Dybala and Douglas Kosta, while Cristiano Ronaldo led the attack.

The second part of Allegro changed the entire lineup and the pattern, which was 4-3-1-2. Mattia Perrin was at the door, and Cassello, Medi Benati, Giorgio Cielini and Beruato in defense, Claudio Marquisio, Emre Can and Matthew were midfielders, Rodrigo Bentankour was a playmaker, and Manjukic and Bernardesky were leading the attack.

A good impression left the interaction between Cristiano and Dybala, who in the training are constantly together. The five-time Golden Ball winner assists the Argentine for the third goal, and they will surely be the champions of the start of the calcio in Verona.

Blog of Sport predictions