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It was a new era in Juve

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sport predictions Juventus in the 2020 version was born in the early part of the 1970s, when Furino, Capello, Dozh naturally, Bettega, Gentile played on the pitch in black and white. Between 1972 and 1975, Andrea Anelli, Paul Nedved and Fabio Paratichi - appeared in the show;the president in 1975, and his confidants in 1972. The new Juve, the one in the post-Marotta era, will be their club after the upgrading process on the top floors of power.
Synthesized in the shortest term, those over 40+ years have taken over completely the management with a clear goal:to bring bianconners to a bright future whose contours are already set. It`s about winning (the Champions League, what else? ! ), But most of all internationally attractive. Juve wants to become one of the four or five most famous, loved and wealthy clubs in the world. And, thanks to the rupture of the good relationship between Angel and Giuseppe Marotta, he decided to do so with younger and fresh leaders.
This Monday, October 1, marked a transition:a list of candidates for the club`s new board was presented, not including Marotta and Aldo Matsia;a fact known from Saturday evening. It seems that surprises are over.
The other key point is the first meeting of the new AU on October 25;the same date as the general meeting of shareholders. Then, the functions performed by Marotta and Matsia so far will be redistributed at the sport and administrative levels. However, at least at this stage, there may be no announcement by a new delegated administrator. The refurbishment operation is more complex than a simple change of management.

Andrea Angeli is the man at the center of everything, not only because as president, banal, he has the final via hockey predictions say in every choice. Everything suggests that he will be even more involved in the decision-making process similar to that of Real Madrid and Chelsea.
Europe here is not a random reference. Annie, president of the European Club Association (ESA) in 2017, is no longer content to compare with the Italian Grands, but wants to match with the Continental. The President will have an increasing presence in the Italian Professional League, where the Marotta institution has always been an important figure, and will work even more closely with Nedved and Paratichi.
The story of the birth of Cristiano Ronaldo`s megastransfer`s idea in his house in Turin is emblematic:a proposal first by Paratichi and then handed over to Anelly. It is likely that transactions will be made in the same way by the same figures in the future. Although it is no longer possible to attract a footballer from the CR7 caliber (Lionel Messi is considered untouchable in Barcelona), the transfer showed him on which floor Juve wanted to act;to that of the elite international stars.

Here is the mission of Paul Nedved and Fabio Paratichi. The vice-president will remain in the board of directors and, together with the sports director, will accept part of Marotta`s functions. Paratici will continue to keep a close eye on the transfer market with a team of scouts that he has been running for years, and will have even greater responsibilities in choosing new

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