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Sport prediction Juventus confessed to Ramsey`s interest, but the transfer of Mabé will be very difficult

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sport predictions Juventus Sports Director Fabio Paratichi speaks on various topics. Among them were rumors of attracting Aaron Ramsey of Arsenal and Kylian Mabe from Pari Saint-Germain. We hope this will be a season that will be at least as good as those of the last 6-7 years. Our priority is the Champions League. This has become our goal and we feel competitive enough to be the main contenders, certainly over the last few years. With Cristiano Ronaldo we realized even more how good we were, although we had a great team before and always played well in the Champions League.

Ramsey? He`s a great player. We like him very much and he plays for a big team. His contract expires, and we are always alert to the situations the market offers. So we`re also watching for Ramsey. I repeat, so far he is an Arsenal player and we are not the only team that Welsh wants. Babe? This is a very imaginative opportunity. Imagination helps, but in January it helps with a bit, and even in June it will be very difficult to sign up with it.

Massimiliano Allegri? He is the best possible coach for us and I think Juventus is good for him. Will Moses Keane leave? No, we will try to keep all the players who are here. Marotta? No, there is no derby with him in the transfer market. We are focused on Juventus and others on ourselves. We know each other well and we both know what the other is thinking, `said Paraschichi.

Blog of Sport predictions