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Sport predictions Murray in dilemma - Wimbledon or another operation?

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sport predictions Andy Murray faces a new difficult decision. To endure the pain at Wimbledon to end his career in front of a home audience or to undergo a serious operation after which he will probably not be able to play anymore.

I have two options. One is to rest for the next four and a half months, then cook for Wimbledon. I was not comfortable today because of my thigh. It`s hard for me. Right now I can not go normally. I can do it and play another game but I still can not walk, it will continue to hurt me when doing everyday things.
However, if I put myself under such an operation, there is absolutely no guarantee that I will be able to play again. I am aware of that. It will be a very serious operation. There is no guarantee that you can recover from this.

At the moment I can not even think of walking my dogs, playing soccer with my friends. If I decide to wait, it will be another five or six months in which I will feel discomfort. I will most likely make the decision next week or somewhere there.
In spite of the pains, Murray managed to perform magnificently in her match via buy sport predictions against Roberto Bautista Agut and raised the crowd several times.
If today was my last game, it was a brilliant ending. I will also take this into account. The atmosphere was amazing. I gave absolutely everything to myself on the court, struggled as hard as I could and I performed much better than I had, given the short time I could spend for training. It`s not a problem for me if it was my last game.

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