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Football pick RB (Leipzig) is making history in German football

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sport predictions The new factor in German football RB (Leipzig) has achieved another success after guaranteeing his participation in European club tournaments by us football picks in his third year in the Bundesliga. Tonight, the East Germany team defeated Borussia Monchengladbach by 2-1 as a guest and four laps before the end cannot be eliminated from the six. Even it can be safely said that the team will prove itself again in the biggest in the Champions League, because it is 10 points ahead of fifth in the standings - namely Gladbach.

In their debut in the elite division in the 2016/17 season, the Red Bulls finished second and qualified for the ML, where they finished third in their group. In the next campaign, Rosenbalsport finished sixth and released in LE, and next summer it will be next to names such as Barcelona, u200bu200bReal Madrid, Liverpool and Juventus.

Leipzig recorded the seventh consecutive success on a foreign field after two goals by Marcel Halstenberg. The left-back of the German national team opened a controversial penalty in the 17th minute and doubled in the 53rd. The Borussian hosts returned one goal in the 61st minute through Alassan Plea, and shortly afterwards the French missed out on a 100 percent chance. However, Timo Werner also had a chance to score on the other goal, and Halstenberg hit a hat trick. However, there was no need for that because RB kept his advance and could already celebrate.

The Bulls are in the semi-finals of the German Cup tournament, where next week they will have a duel with the second division Hamburger Hamburg.

For Monchengladbach it was the sixth consecutive non-winning household to question the team`s participation in the Euro.

Blog of Sport predictions