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Sport prediction Murray: I just want to enjoy a few more years on the Tour

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sport predictions Andy Murray is finally back in competition with Tura, the troupe wins and looks happy doing what he loves. His latest success came in his first match at the European Open, but although he did get on the court, his mind was partly at home.

His wife Kim is in her late stages of pregnancy, and the close distance from Antwerp to the UK was the only reason the former 1 would appear on the race. The Scot admits in an interview with The Telegraph that he owes too much to Kim to allow himself to miss the birth of another of their children. His wife has made a tremendous contribution to his career to this day:

There have been several cases in the last two years in which I have stopped fighting. I told myself I don`t want to do this anymore. Kim was always trying to help me keep going, getting me back on the court motivated, it was no problem for me to train or travel.

Shows understanding of everything I do. Like going to a training camp in Miami after a really long year. It may not seem like something serious, but we don`t get the chance to be together all the time and it really helps if you don`t have drama in your personal life off the court. She is brilliant at this, has allowed me to pursue my career and has always supported me in an incredible way. I am lucky. The last few years have been very difficult for Andy, who has been having severe pain in his thigh. So serious that he told the Australian Open that he couldn`t even get his dog out without suffering.

This led to a very ambitious hip replacement operation, which not only was successful, but also revived the desire and chances of the winner of three Grand Slam titles to compete.

My life has changed since January. At the moment I feel happy, in a good place, I have no problems with my thighs and I am able to do what I have always done. Maybe not at the level I was in my mid-20s, but I can compete with most tennis players.

Although the road back to victory was difficult and had to go through Challenger races and many doubles matches, Andy again recorded some good success against his name. He overcame world No. 13 Mateo Beretini and played a contested match with Roland Garros finalist Dominic Teams:

I just want to enjoy a few more years in Tura. I think in the last few months, my body is starting to remind myself what to do. In Asia, I could feel my movement normally. It was at a level where I could be competitive. In the US and Mallorca this was not so;I looked my first few games advised by tennis predictions and didn`t look good. Murray will continue to participate in the European Open for the time being, but Kim can be sure that when the time comes, her husband will immediately grab his bag and be there for her third child. On the court, however, we can be sure that the Scottish fighter will continue to fight and be a thorn in the eyes of his rivals.

Blog of Sport predictions